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ScrapsofPaper_Kindle_itunes_apple_SmashwordsSCRAPS OF PAPER:  THE FIRST SPOOKIE TOWN MURDER MYSTERY

Abigail Sutton’s beloved husband walks out one night, and doesn’t return. Two years later, he’s found dead, a victim of a long ago crime. It’s made her sympathetic to the missing and their families.
Starting her new life, Abigail moves to small town and buys a fixer-upper house left empty when old Edna Summers died. Once it was also home to Edna’s younger sister, Emily, and her two children, Jenny and Christopher, who, people believe, drove away one night, thirty years ago, and just never came back.
But in renovating the house Abigail finds scraps of paper hidden behind baseboards and tucked beneath the porch that hint the three could have been victims of foul play.
Then she finds their graves hidden in the woods behind the house and with the help of the eccentric townspeople and ex-homicide detective, Frank Lester, she discovers the three were murdered. Then she and Frank try to uncover who killed them and why…but in the process awaken the ire of the murderer.



Ten years ago Frank Lester, a Chicago homicide detective, thought he had rid himself forever of the Mud People Killer who’d kidnapped and murdered six people. Frank had shot him as he’d fled through a snowy night; had killed him, he believed, though a body was never found.
But the killer wasn’t dead. He’d only been waiting to take his revenge on Frank and those he cares about now…ten years later. Frank retired early and is living back in his hometown of Spookie when the killer resurfaces to take up where he left off. Kidnapping more innocents and tormenting Frank and the people he cares about.
Unless Frank and his artist girlfriend, Abigail Sutton, can find and stop him before he kills more people and perhaps both of them.



Someone is terrorizing the elderly in a certain neighborhood in Spookie and vandalizing their homes. As usual, Abigail Sutton, a freelance artist, and her boyfriend Frank Lester, a retired homicide detective, are called in to help find out who’s doing these awful acts. The two seem to have an uncanny knack for unraveling mysteries and getting to the bottom of such strange happenings. Some of the old people think it’s ghosts in their basements, in their homes, doing these destructive deeds but Frank doesn’t believe in ghosts; while Abigail isn’t so sure. Then the old folks begin to disappear one by one or to die suspiciously and Frank thinks there’s a sinister plan behind the crimes and is determined to uncover who or what is responsible. In the end, they, with a little help from their friend eccentric old Myrtle, must solve the mystery or more of the old ones in town might end up dead.


Witches Among Us:

The Fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery; sequel to Scraps of Paper, All Things Slip Away and Ghosts Beneath Us: Witches Among Us.

Spookie is a quaint village often cloaked in fog and filled with mysteries. The usual eccentric characters are here for their fourth murder mystery and the case is one which really hits close to home this time for Myrtle, the town’s Perry Como singing and wagon-pulling bag lady. Her sister Evelyn, the local animal hoarder, is missing. Strange miniature figures fashioned of twigs are found hanging from one of Evelyn’s trees as warnings. Because of them Myrtle fears a coven of wanted-to-be witches she once knew, and escaped from, almost sixty years ago could be behind the kidnapping because she stole their ancient black grimoire–and they want it back. But Myrtle doesn’t want to let them have it because she believes the grimoire could be dangerously real. The book mustn’t fall into the wrong hands and the old coven’s hands are covered in blood. So Myrtle again seeks Frank and Abigail’s help in getting her sister back, alive, and in protecting the grimoire. What they don’t know is a fourth addition to their team of sleuths, a mysterious psychic and new addition to the town, will emerge and join the battle…but whose side will she be on? Is she merely a psychic or is she something more? And will they get Evelyn back alive or will the old witches find and possess the grimoire first? The fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery.

Look for the fifth Spookie Town Murder Mystery COMING OUT IN 2018!



    1. Katina
      I have no plans to write a 4th at the moment, husband just retired and we plan on traveling in our new camper for a while, but so happy you liked them! If you liked Spookie Town Mysteries try my WINTER’S JOURNEY, my THE ICE BRIDGE or my THE CALLING…all mysteries. Warmly, Kathryn Meyer Griffith

  1. Hopefully you will write a 4th Spookie Town mystery after your travels. I love all of the characters, and would love ro see their adventures continue…

  2. Please write another Spooky Town Mystery!! I love this series and Myrtle… I’m going to find another one of your books too read now but I’m heartbroken this series ended. You are a wonderful writer, I love the supernatural and Halloween!!!

    1. Thank you Erika! I do plan on writing another Spookie Town Murder Mystery…perhaps next year. Right now I’m finishing the long-awaited sequel to my 1993 best-selling spooky book WITCHES. Witches II: Witches Apocalypse. But the Spooky series is very close to my heart and I will continue to write them. If you liked them try my WINTER’S JOURNEY and my THE ICE BRIDGE…two more of my mysteries. Also, my Dinosaur Lake series is well liked, too.

  3. Just finished reading your spookie town mysteries and was wondering if a fifth book is in the works. You are a wonderful author and I thoroughly enjoyed the series.

    1. Judy,
      thank you! I love getting feedback from my readers…it makes me smile. And yes, I will write more Spookie Town mysteries…#5 perhaps next year after I finish my 26th book, the long-awaited sequel to my paranormal time-travel spooky book Witches. Witches II: Witches Apocalypse. If you like Spookie Town, try my other mysteries: Winter’s Journey and The Ice Bridge. I think you might like them, also.

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