What I’ve been up to lately….

I’ve neglected this blog, yes, I know I have, but I’ve been sooo busy writing my 26th novel, Witches II: Witches Apocalypse, and working on my 24th Audible audio book, my 4th Spookie Town Murder Mystery Witches Among Us, that I’ve had no spare time for much else.

Yes, I’m finally writing the long-awaited sequel to my best-selling 1993 paperback Witches from Zebra mass paperbacks. It only took me 24 years to write it. But I’ve been busy writing all my other 25 novels…and living my life. The balance is hard, life and writing, and sometimes I neglect one or the other and feel bad about it.

Anyway, I just thought I’d drop in for a short update and let you know I’m still…alive and still writing. 


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to lately….

  1. Hello Kathryn,

    So very nice to meet you. My name is Patricia & I am a brand new fan!
    At 68 years of age, living on Social “Security” (?), I especially appreciated receiving your 1st delightful book in your Spookie Town Mystery Series.
    I wrote a review & went to buy #2 but it is out of my budget. Perhaps, occasionally, you could offer the sequels to us for .99. I realize, you need to make money but you are missing so many of us who cannot afford even your sale price.
    Think, 40 fans buying your e-book sequels vs 10 @ $3.99. More readers = more buzz.
    Of course, you may be hindered by a contract, but I felt it was worth my time to let you know my thoughts.


    1. Patricia
      hello! Nice to meet a new fan! I read your comment (and because I also and my sister and brother, all are on SS as well) I understand your dilemma. I will be 67 next month myself. So I’ll tell you now. Email me at rdgriff@htc.net and I can send you ANY of my 25 eBooks (specify Kindle:mobi, Nook: epub or PDF) books for FREE….or I can send you a free Audible audio code for its audio book. All I would ask for in return is a fair review on Amazon and Goodreads. Come on, email me. Warmly, author for over 45 years; published 25 novels and 12 short stories since 1984, Kathryn Meyer Griffith rdgriff@htc.net

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