I have a NEW Spookie Town Murder Mystery (#4) OUT!

*NEW BOOK!* (And FIRST in series, Scraps of Paper, is still FREE!)
I’ve just finished my FOURTH Spookie Town Murder Mystery…Witches Among Us. It was a very hard book to write because I am still trying to recover from my brother’s death in 2015 and my thoughts kept straying. But I finally got it done.
Here’s a quick synopsis: Are there witches in Spookie and did they abduct Evelyn because sixty years before her younger sister Myrtle stole their black grimoire? Come back to SPOOKIE Town for a fourth murder mystery along with Frank, Abigail and Myrtle…and a new to town mysterious psychic named Glenda. There’s creeping fog in the woods and murder afoot…again. Witches Among Us (on sale everywhere!) the fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery: https://www.books2read.com/u/bMGoBB http://tinyurl.com/k32j478
(And all 4 are in Audible audio books, want a free Audible code? just email me at rdgriff@htc.net)SpookieTownMysterySeries Banner_fullres


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