I’m finally working on my novel #23 DINOSAUR LAKE IV: Dinosaur Wars

I couldn’t believe it when I realized I hadn’t written anything on my blog here since February. I’d promised that I would try to write more and more often…but, as always, life got in the way. Family obligations and a huge new adventure for my husband and I have kept me so busy. My husband retired last year and in January we bought a new (2 years old really) truck and a 25 foot pull-behind camper and we’ve slowly started taking short trips in them. Two so far, but we are learning about RVing and plan many journeys in the near future. I’d originally wanted to have us travel to Crater Lake in Oregon (where I have set all my best-selling Dinosaur Lake books) this summer but after some thought we decided to postpone that really BIG trip until next summer. Give us some time to get used to RVing. Boy, did we have a lot to learn and am still learning. So just short hops this summer.

Anyway, as I have mentioned here before my sweet brother Jim Meyer (the best man and singer/songwriter/musician I’ve ever known) passed away last May (2015) after a long torturous but brave battle with throat cancer, and since then I found I couldn’t write (too sad)…it’s been a year now and FINALLY I am happy to report that I am now writing once again. I’m working on the FOURTH Dinosaur Lake book: Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars. Hopefully I can stay on it and finish it for my readers in the next eight months or so because they’ve been asking for it. The truth is I’d never planned on writing 3 of those books, much less a fourth one, but the series (besides my Spookie Town Murder Mystery series: Scraps of Paper (free right now), All Things Slip Away and Ghosts Beneath Us) is so popular with my readers (and many showed displeasure with how I ended book 3) and sell so well I decided to write a fourth one. What can I say? When something sells as well as my Dinosaur Lake series has the last 4 years, I’d be foolish not to write more, right? Right. Also the first Dinosaur Lake book is still permafree…for now. Soon I will put a price back on it so if you haven’t picked up your FREE eBook of it, do it now.

So….my grief is lessening after my brother’s death and I am writing again; trying to be happy again. For a while there I was beginning to believe my writing days were over. Heck, I am now officially a senior citizen and I thought: Aren’t 22 novels, 6 short stories and 2 novellas enough for a writer to write and publish in their lifetime? Forty-four years of writing and being published since 1984…enough? Now I know the answer. NO! I’m going to write more books.I hope.

After Dinosaur Lake IV I think I will finally FINISH my sequel to my best-selling 1993 Zebra paperback WITCHES. I actually started that second book about ten years ago, had about a third done, but was so disgusted with how little money (royalties) I was getting at that time from my publishers that I shelved it…never dreaming that in a mere six years  a new world would open up for me and many traditionally published authors and I would begin self-publishing; making 70% royalties when I did it all myself – and finally make a living with my writing. Now I’m ready to finish that book, too. Witches II. Yeah.

I will return to write more posts. I promise. Everyone have a great day and if you want to talk to me about any of my 22 novels http://tinyurl.com/ld4jlow …just email me anytime at rdgriff@htc.net.  Bye for now! Kathryn Meyer Griffith




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