Finally! I have ALL my rights back to my 22 novels & have self-published them.

It’s been a while since I posted here to my blog…but I’ve been incredibly busy getting all my rights back from my last publisher and self-publishing my earlier 14 books. So now all 22 of my novels going back to 1984 are ALL  MINE AGAIN. It’s a great feeling to know I finally own all my properties and for the first time in 32 years have complete control. All 22 are now in eBooks everywhere, paperbacks and Audible audio books. The last four years I’ve been working tirelessly to accomplish this and had a stroke of amazing luck when my last publisher sold themselves and the new publisher agreed to return all my rights if I wanted them…and, boy, did I want them because I’ve found self-publishing to be so much more profitable and fulfilling. So I was over joyed. So here below are some of my brand new amazing covers by cover artist Dawne Dominique…what do you think? You can find all my books on Amazon (Nook here: ) and Audible audio Books here: . Please go take a look/listen. Happy New Year!!!

I am sure this next year will be so much better than the last. For me 2015 was a devastating year…my sweet brother, Jim Meyer, passed away after a long cruel battle with throat cancer (and he was a talented singer/songwriter/musician) and I am still reeling from that. I pray 2016 will be better.


Black fantasy horseman with hood riding in dark forest road illustration.


bad wiessee church tourist resort tegernsee bavaria



Spooky looking house on a hill in the syle of Norman Bates house in the movie Pycho. In the background a dark gloomy cloudy sky and in the sky a lone crow or raven flys.



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