I guess I’m going to try to Start a Blog and Here It Is.

First entry. August 29, 2015
Hello, I’m Kathryn Meyer Griffith, a long time author.
My cover artist, Dawne Dominique, graciously set this website up for me in July of 2015 – she said I really needed one – and I thanked her for it. I’ve never had much time to set up author websites or pages, to blog or anything like it; don’t spend much time on Facebook and Twitter, either, unless it is to promote my novels and my writing career. I’ve tried to do all the social media as I’ve been advised to do but my heart has never been in any of it. I’d rather be writing. Until now.
I’ll start at the beginning, if I can. I write horror, romantic horror, suspense, romantic time travel and murder mysteries. I actually just consider myself a storyteller and not so much in any certain genre – it drove my early publishers crazy that I blended so many genres in my books and they never knew what to label my work. Too bad for them. I knew what I was…a fiction writer. I’ve been writing over forty-four years and have had twenty-two novels and various short stories published since 1984…and along with full time graphic-art jobs, raising a family and living my life, I haven’t had much extra time to blog. I always felt it also took unnecessary time away from my writing.
But in the last three years, since August 2012, I’ve gone full speed into self-publishing – I’ve left the rigid restraints of traditional publishers with their low royalties and fickle unaccountability behind, or will have totally by 2017. Though I’ve self-published nine of my novels since 2012, I still have 13 remaining with my last publisher. Those books will slowly revert back to me between now and June 2017. I can’t wait.
Self-publishing has made more money for me in the last three years than I’ve ever made with any publisher, and I’ve had many in the last thirty-one years. I’ve learned to format and publish my own eBooks and paperbacks; had twenty of my novels made into Audible audio books…and I’m still learning what it takes to be my own publisher and a business owner. It takes a lot. A lot of time, care to detail and it takes tapping more into all the social media I can link into. Thus, this blog. I might keep it up or I might not. But I’ve at least started it.
I might keep blogging or I might not. We’ll see. It depends on how exciting my usually mundane life is (well, except for the exciting make-believe stuff I put in my books).
Until then you can find out more about me here:
*All Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s books can be found here:
*All her Audible.com audio books here:
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